Partners Are Impacted Too


"It's like an alien abduction"

When your partner has PMAD you may feel: 

  • Worried
  • Frustrated
  • Overwhelmed 
  • Angry
  • Afraid she'll never be the same again

These are all normal feelings when you see your partner struggling with any of the symptoms of Postpartum Mood Disorders. 

What can you do? 

  • Know that PMADs are real, and she's not making this up.
  • Understand that this isn't her fault. 
  • Be patient and encouraging.
  • Tell her that you love her.
  • Acknowledge and support her efforts to be well. 
  • Learn all you can about perinatal mood and anxiety disorders and help her find support and professional care.
  • Take care of yourself and seek your own support. 
  • Know that, with help, she will be well.